In House or Your House

From the Fryer

Shoestring fries with sour cream and sweet chili (v)(gf) $9
Add gravy $12
Poutine (gf) $15
Loaded poutine; crisp bacon bits and shallots added (gf) $17
Deep-fried pickle coins (v)(gf) $7
Popcorn cauliflower with a light curry aioli (v)(gf) $9

Less is More, More or Less

Jerk chicken drumsticks; solo $7, duet $12, symphony $17
Tacos; solo $7, duet $12, symphony $17
Pulled pork, iceberg, red onion, diced tomato topped with aioli.
Crisp barra, pickled onion, rocket, salsa Verde.
Nepalese Chickpea and lentil curry (VV)
Grilled eggplant and haloumi, rocket, hazelnut salsa and lemon dressing. (vv)
Grilled prawn and asian slaw with sate sauce. Add $1 per taco
Pumpkin, feta, pepita’s, roast capsicum and chipotle aioli. (v)
Shashlik with rocket and tortilla wrap topped with ranch sauce (gf);
solo $9, duet $16, symphony $24

Sandwiches and Such

House smoked brisket roll with fresh horseradish sauce $16
Steak sandwich with caramelized onions and slow roasted tomatoes $16
Newfoundland Lobster Roll $16
Soup of the day; short, tall served in coffee cups with crackers
Pumpkin, quinoa and hazelnut salad (vv) (gf) $16
Haloumi (vv) (gf) $4
Whole Pickle (vv) (gf) $1.5
Shoestring fries (v) (gf) $4
Sliced Cheese (v) (gf) $1.5
Asian Slaw (vv) (gf) $5